Treat Yourself on Thanksgiving! (Calories do NOT count on holidays)

Thanksgiving is creeping up on us! My original intentions were to post some healthy dessert recipes that have you can substitute apple sauce for canola oil and oats for flour… but let’s face the facts. First of all us New Yorkers do not have time to bake all of these fancy and flavorless desserts for our enormous families for the gorge-fest we call Thanksgiving. Second of all, calories do NOT count on the holidays. Trust me, I confirmed this fact with a lot of very important people. The only way to really appreciate the holiday is to eat and drink so much that you cannot get up from your Grandmother’s couch, no matter how uncomfortable the plastic covering is. Studies also show that you should shock your body from it’s normal routine of diet and exercise in order to give your metabolism another boost after a plateau! Therefore, indulge yourself! Take a day off from your rigid routine and don’t even think about using your calculator app to calculate the day’s calories (if you are starting your “diet” on Thanksgiving, then you’re crazy and I cannot help you). Enjoy the company of your friends and family and don’t stress about that waistline because Thanksgiving is only one day out of the year. That being said, baking entrepreneur Casey Smith of “Baked By Casey” is currently taking orders for holiday goodies! Always baked from scratch with all-natural ingredients, Baked By Casey provides customers with beautifully unique home baked treats that taste as good as they look! Fall Special Featured Above: Sweet Potato Cupcake w/ Marshmallow Meringue!

Place your order today and choose from the menu or make a special request…

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