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Fun spirited and enjoyable!

My 2 roommates and I worked with Carole Armstrong from DJK to find a beautiful apartment on the Upper East Side. As recent college graduates, we were looking to stay within a budget but also find a nice 3BR apartment in a safe location. Carole worked diligently to find various listings that were mindful of our commutes and space/budget requirements. Though our budget was difficult to accommodate in the current market, Carole found us an amazing new home for even less than we wanted to pay (with an additional bathroom!) in a fantastic location. Carole also had our best interests in mind and negotiated with another agency to save us over $1000 in fees it demanded. She is fun spirited and enjoyable to visit apartments with, and made our apartment search very easy and painless. We would definitely use Carole again in the future and recommend her to anyone!

– Christina

Incredibly knowledgeable

I am writing to express my pleasure with working with Carole Armstrong in a recent rental experience in New York City. Moving from the Midwest, I knew nothing about the NYC rental market, aside from it being a bit ruthless and quick paced. I was nervous because I had a very short time frame in which to work with, and I was not sure how to even begin. I began to research real estate brokers online, and came across numerous positive reviews about Carole. I decided to give her a call (which she almost immediately responded to), because everyone stated that she was savvy, kind, and fun. I was not disappointed! Within a span of five hours we had looked at ten apartments along the Upper West Side, and I got to know a great woman! The last apartment was the winner, and I am very happy with it! I had to leave right after I found it, and Carole took care of any questions I had in the interim timeframe of my return to NYC. She even stopped by after I was all settled in to make sure I was happy with it! If you are looking for someone who is genuine, kind, incredibly knowledgeable about the real estate market, and has your best interest in mind, call Carole—you will not be disappointed!

– Caitlin

Honest and Loyal!

We are a newly married couple who were fortunate and lucky enough to find and work with Carole. Carole has worked with us for the past 3 weeks endlessly. Whether it’s taking full weekend days to gallivant through NYC to show us as many apartments as we could fit into a day, or answering our countless questions and concerns via text and/or emails at all hours of the day and even sending my husband flowers after his surgery. Carole has made us feel like we are her priority and finding us a home has been more than a job to her. She is truly invested in making her clients happy. She is incredibly honest and loyal to her clients and in the quest to buying a home in Manhattan those two qualities in a broker are priceless. Since we are newlyweds we have decided to take a short break from the search and continue next year but we are certain there isn’t anyone else we are going to call, then Carole. I know that Carole will be the one to help us find our future home.

– Laura

A true professional!

Carole was the selling broker on a 1.6M apartment we purchased on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, NYC. We entered the transaction without a buyer’s broker, reaching out to Carole to see the apartment after seeing it on StreetEasy. Carole was always available and showed us the apartment several times as we worked to come up with an offer. Carole is extremely responsive and accommodating. As an agent, she has a no-fuss approach. At no time did we feel pressured to make a decision. Carole simply gave us all relevant information, responded to all of our questions about the apartment, organized a tour of the building, etc., etc. Once we made an offer, Carole managed the — inevitable in NYC — bidding process fairly and timely, without games. Once our offer was accepted, Carole worked with us tirelessly to complete the board package and to facilitate the board approval process. Carole took care of all the typing, copying, and a million other issues. She also acted as the liaison in resolving all issues that came up during the contract negotiation. In other words, even though Carole was not our agent, but the seller’s agent, she was a true professional and made the deal happen for everyone.

– Boris

Roger Post

An informed professional

I hired Carole after learning of her sale of a former business partner’s property for a million dollars more than he was seeking with a previous broker, and in weeks. Carole sold my gut renovation estate property for one hundred thousand dollars more than the listed price and in weeks. She found a motivated purchaser for a difficult situation and made it work smoothly for all involved. I highly recommend Carole to anyone wanting top service and the best price for their real estate. I will use her and recommend her for any real estate transactions I, or my colleagues have in the future. I could not have asked for anything more from an informed professional.

– Brad M.

The best Realtor I have ever encountered

I write to enthusiastically endorse Carole Armstrong to be your realtor. After spending nearly a year with two different brokers, attempting to either sell or rent my Central Park West townhouse, I was beyond frustrated and considering an offer of $3.3 million.
Carole educated me to the fact that the property was not being effectively marketed and that the price I was asking was too low. Upon giving her the listing, she immediately remarketed it, with a more elegant description, a higher price, and maximized exposure in the marketplace.

In less than a month, Carole procured two all cash offers, both substantially higher than any prior offer, and one for over $4 million. After gleefully telling her to accept the highest offer, she advised me that it was too low and negotiated an additional $225,000 from the buyer. Carole got me over $1 million more than the offer I considered before hiring her.

After I accepted the offer, Carole continued to guide me throughout the process, working tirelessly to assist me in making sure that everything necessary was provided to my attorney and the buyer’s attorney, as well as the cooperative board of my townhouse. This was not an easy task because I was out of country for most of the time and had to rely upon her to coordinate things.

Always positive, prompt, honest, responsive, and focused on results, Carole is far and away the best realtor I have ever encountered. Do not hesitate to put your trust in her.

Sincerely yours,

– Kenneth B.

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Carol Armstrong let of Rec

Honest and straightforward

My husband and I worked with Carole Armstrong and found the perfect apartment just a block away from our current home. After searching over a year for a reasonably priced three-bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side (not an easy task), we were lucky and came across Carole’s listing at The Dorset where she represented the seller. We really appreciate the professionalism she demonstrated throughout the apartment-buying process. She did not play games like so many other agents we have encountered in the past and was always honest and straightforward with us. Carole was also readily available whenever we had any questions or just wanted to take a second, third and fourth look at the apartment.

Even though Carole was not our broker, she went above and beyond her obligations as an agent to help us put together our co-op board package and stayed on top of the management company to make sure they got to our documents and were timely in scheduling an interview. Even when we were having issues with our mortgage company, Carole provided us with personal recommendations for a new mortgage broker. We absolutely believe that we could not have purchased our new home without Carole’s help and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell an apartment.

– Fainna K.

Highly Recommended!

Carole Armstrong is one of the best realtors I have ever met. I have dealt with numerous real estate agents, and was absolutely ecstatic when I found her. What really makes her stand out, just to name a few; is her prompt responsiveness, honesty, knowledge, sincerity, no fear negotiation skills, and pure love of her job. She has always responded and followed up with me to make sure I was abreast of our entire condo purchase process. Carole has always been honest and sincere throughout our communication! She will negotiate the best deal for you! What I love best about her personality is that she is a go getter! She goes above and beyond her duties. That characteristic, though as simple as it sounds, makes her stand out from all the rest. Carole definitely loves her job and looks out for her client’s best interest. I have already recommended her to all of my family members and close friends. Carole Armstrong is a gem in NYC!!! Thank you!!!

– Sherril S.

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